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The Professional Platform For Mystery Shopping Providers & CX/VoC Researchers

Advanced Enterprise Solution Designed To Streamline The Entire Research Workflow Delivering Breakthrough Customer Experiences & Tracking Surveys


Agile. Powerful. Integrated.

Centralized Operation For Streamlined Workflows

- Streamlined operational activities from start to finish

- Improved collaborations

- Better efficiency with full visibility


Interactive Reporting & Customizable Dashboards For Your End Clients

- Robust operational reporting options and data unification

- End-client control panel (desktop & mobile)

- Action-driven tools


One Multichannel Solution For Any Type Of Survey

- Simplified and hassle-free

- Enhanced reach and engagements

- Easy scaling and growth opportunities


Advanced Mobile Solution For Results On The Go

- Collect real-time data on mobile

Equipped with quality assurance rules & communication features

- Automation of resources management

- Mobile app available for Android & IOS

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