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SAP solutions

by insaitas


SAP solutions

Insaitas currently has offices in Chile and Colombia, but we serve clients throughout the region, executing projects in onsite and remote mode.

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SAP Customer Experience (CX)

F.k.a. SAP Hybris, SAP CX is a suite that features several cloud solutions for:

  • SAP Sales Cloud (C4C Sales)

  • SAP Service Cloud (C4C Service)

  • SAP Marketing Cloud

  • SAP Commerce Cloud

  • SAP Customer Data Cloud


SAP S/4 HANA for Customer Management 

A.k.a. SAP Customer Management, includes without any additional system or integration, CRM processes embedded in SAP S/4 Hana:

- Sales

- Service

- Customer Interaction Center

- Industry specific processes


SAP Commissions

Cloud solution for incentives and commission management containing:

- Compensation Plan Design and Simulation

- Communication Plans (distribution, approval and signature)

- Dispute Management for review requests

- Dashboards and reports

- Mobile app


SAP Solution Manager

SAP's solution covering all application lifecycle, containing following features:
- Project and Process Management
- Test Suite
- Change Management (ChaRM)
- System, Processes and Interfaces Monitoring
- Data Volume Management
- Incident Management



SAP on premise solution for Customer Relationship Management
- Marketing
- Sales
- Services
- Customer Interaction Center
- Industry specific solutions


SAP Conversational AI

SAP CAI helps companies to transform customers and employees experience by:
- Bots building
- Bots training
- Bots connectors
- Bots analytics


Robotic Process Automation (iRPA)

SAP iRPA helps to transform business processes through the automation of repetitive tasks. Its main features are:
- Operation optimization
- Improve service quality 
- Increase fulfilment standar
- Time saving
- Open door for IA

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Let's Work Together

insaitas is a flexible and dynamic company with consultants with various certifications and a lot of experience in SAP processes and solutions. We are the best option for a fast and effective implementation. 

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